“They played really well together as an orchestra and I like seeing them play the trumpet like me.” Koala class (aged 8)


The 2020 concerts have now taken place, and were a great success! Due to the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic we have with great regret had to abandon our concerts planned for January 2021. But please watch this space for updates on any activities later next year.

If you wish to receive an email notification of when tickets go on sale please join our mailing list. We usually publish full details of the next year’s concert programme on the Programme page. Contact details for ordering tickets and applying for coach funding will be posted on the Tickets page.


“We thought the flute played very softly and beautifully in the piece by Bach; the clarinet part in Meet the Orchestra was great fun to listen to; the violins had lots of notes to play and were very well behaved; the double basses got quite tired in Meet the Orchestra and we liked it when Mr Willcocks wiped their brows; we liked the percussion instruments because they were very loud and had lots to do, especially in the Thunder and Lightning Polka.”  Class 3S (aged 7-8)


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  1. Currently we stage six concerts each season, all in January in Chichester Southampton and Guildford. The next concerts are planned for 19th – 21st January 2021

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